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About Brendazzle* Photography

My name is Brenda and I’m a photographer. But more than that, I’m someone who believes in the lasting power of photographs. To tell stories, to capture memories, to make a difference. I’m the girl who took pictures of everything she saw and did and appreciated and loved; I’m also the girl who looks at photos of people she’s lost and wishes she had more. I want to give you more than just some pretty pictures in a frame; I want to give you a slice of your life that you can look back on. Your children being tiny and cute, you and your sweetheart madly in love, your family celebrating a milestone or making memories… These are all things that you should document and look back on as the years go by. At the end of the day, your session with me goes by so fast but the pictures will be with you forever.


I grew up ‘playing’ with my family’s cameras and many of my favorite memories are framed through the viewfinder.


I believe that everyone deserves to have photos of the most important moments of their lives, both big and small.

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