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Request a Custom Wedding Package Quote

As a new bride, I can remember what it was like to try to pick a photographer and wade through all of the different coverage options. Standardized packages are great for someone whose wedding fits the checklist perfectly but I’ve never been a “one size fits all” type of girl. Instead, I offer a base quote for the type of wedding and then customize my offerings to suit your needs.

The three types of wedding packages I offer are:

  • Going to the Courthouse – Simple, legal affairs and a small celebratory lunch
  • Elopements – The happy couple, an officiant and a few witnesses. Definitely a choose-your-own-adventure type of affair.
  • “Traditional” Weddings – Any sort of wedding that isn’t at the courthouse or involves an elopement. It can be as small as the happy couple’s immediate family or a BIG party that lasts for days!

Assemble Your Own Custom Wedding Package

Tell me all about your wedding! I’d love to hear what you have in mind for the big day. The more details you share, the better I can put together a custom wedding package for you.

Please tell me all about:

  • Who you are and how best to reach you (phone, email, Facebook, monthly coffee dates, etc.)
  • When and where you’re getting married
  • What kind of wedding you’re having – the more details the better! If you’re going to have the bridesmaids go to the spa or the groomsmen go golfing, these are things I’m dying to hear about. I’d also like to make sure I pack my dancing shoes if the reception is going to be partying late into the night.
  • What you want to do with your photos – albums, canvas prints, a million 8x10s…
Request My Wedding Package
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