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Earth Mama – Breastfeeding Photo Shoot

Earth Mama – Breastfeeding Photo Shoot

Yesterday I shared with you part one of Emerson’s 6 month photo session. Today I have my favorite photos from the session: the breastfeeding photos. It still surprises me every time that, even when given a library full of books and props, my favorite photos are the ones of mom and baby having a quiet moment. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Sarah and I had a vision of a very peaceful, hippie-like Earth Mama shoot for Emerson’s 6 month breastfeeding photos. A few days before our shoot, she braved the mid-day heat to scout out the big tree that we started our session at to ensure it had enough shade and wasn’t too distracting. Poor Mr. Emerson was still a little distracted by the light traffic passing by and we ended up doing to majority of the actual breastfeeding photos in their yard. I think that might be what I like best about these photos: that nothing else matters other than the bond between mom and baby.

I simply COULD NOT, for the life of me, cut down my list of favorites. So grab a healthy snack and enjoy!

Mom in flower crown holding baby
Mom laying down with naked baby under tree
Laying down mom with standing baby
Naked baby with amber teething necklace under tree
Mom with flower crown smiling at baby
Mom with flow crown kissing smiling baby
Mom's knees and baby's feet
Cute baby in flower crown
Baby in flower crown looking away, mom looking at baby
Proud mom in flower crown holding baby
Mom in flower crown breastfeeding baby
Mom holding and breastfeeding naked baby
Flower crown breastfeeding close-up
Cropped breastfeeding photo
Mom in flower crown tenderly holding baby
Earth Mama breastfeeding photo
Tender breastfeeding photo

If you are interested in having your own breastfeeding and/or baby portrait photo shoot, you can schedule your shoot here.

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