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The Adventures of Emerson – 6 Month Photos

The Adventures of Emerson – 6 Month Photos

Based on the response over on Facebook, Mr. Emerson is a fan favorite. He’s definitely one of my favorite babies to photograph because he’s pretty chill and his mom is full of great ideas. His last photo session was a doozy — we combined his 6 month photos with a full breastfeeding shoot. Even though we were taking photos for about 4 hours (and as many costume changes), he was a champ about it. With all the photos I took, there is no way to do them justice in only one blog post so I’m breaking it up into two. Today is the standard photos; come back tomorrow for the breastfeeding photo.


As the child of a bookworm and a scientist, it was only right that we started our shoot off at the Oakland Park Library. Mr. Emerson brought a few of his favorite books, including Introductory Calculus for Infants, and proceeded to devour 10 or so books while we were there. He even changed into his pjs for some dinosaur storytime like he has before bed.

Library shoot thinking baby in tie onesie
Library shoot reading baby
Library shoot baby reading calculus book
Baby in red chair in library
Happy baby among bookshelves
Baby on floor grabbing bookshelf
Baby in dinosaur pjs eating hand
Baby in dinosaur pjs surrounded by dinosaur books and toy

From there, we conducted the breastfeeding portion of the shoot and then it was on to the most important part of the shoot: the Buffalo fan club photos. His parents are HUGE Buffalo Bills fans and joke that he’s going to grow up to play football so it was important to get some good photos for his future induction ceremony. 😉

Baby catching football
Baby holdiong football on blanket
Bullafo Bills family photo
Baby being held like football

If you haven’t gotten your fill of Mr. Emmy yet, please come back tomorrow to see part 2 of his 6 month shoot: the breastfeeding photos!


If you are interested in having your own breastfeeding and/or baby milestone photo shoot, you can schedule your shoot here.

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